tisdag 11 november 2014

Food Programme

Food Programme is a Catering programme form Eat Right Restaurant in SoHo Central. The Food Programme is for everyone who wants a higher degrees of fitness and use of ones self in potential and practical ways.

Lorentsson Lorentsson 

What we need

what we get and how we get it

and the driving algorithm in the Metrics of the mind

What we can learn

What we can learn from reality of the practiced 

Shoe Lingo

or how

School lingoes the pedagogics in the metrics of the mind

Dinner at Restaurant Eat Right 23 Staunton Street some dinner menu
Dinner Eat Right 23 Staunton Street Hong Kong
This is an photo from Eat Right at 23 Staunton St SoHo
Hong Kong
From where the Eat Right Food Programme once emanated

EatRIGHT foodprogramme
weight loss programme designe for you

The Food Programme by
Martin Lorentsson

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